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Innovation begins when we challenge our assumptions.

Here I will explain what I mean by challenging assumptions, and how each one of us can change and innovate by taking issue with assumptions.

Real-Life Example

Each programming language has it’s prevalent case studies, or “Do And Do Not”s. When I worked on one of my first products, I came up with an efficient way to develop almost all the features. My ingenious idea could significantly save us developing time, resources like CPU and memory, and of course — money.

But my notion came against the “Do and Don’t”s our developing environment had.

I tried a lot to convince my strict bosses to go the other way. I collected data, built coalitions of influential co-workers, and we all tried to debunk the idea that these guidelines are the only way to develop our product. After a few months, I wrote an alternative “Do and Don’t”s article that has been released to all the engineering teams in our project. …


Tal Moskovich

💡 Product Manager | Lifelong Learner | Blogger And Podcaster 🎙️

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